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Split system air conditioning come in a huge range of capabilities and designs. The most commonly recognised and installed split systems are wall-mounted units with fan coils (otherwise known as evaporators). Wall-mounted split Air Conditioning systems In Melbourne and pan Australia are commonly used in houses and apartments as there is only a requirement for two parts to be installed; the indoor unit and the outdoor unit.

Split System Installation Reservoirs are generally a straightforward install, especially when compared with something like an Evaporative Cooling system, where ducts and vents need to be installed throughout the entire home.

We deliver one of the best Split Air Conditioning System Installation Services in Melbourne, Split System Installation in Coburg,  Split System Installation in Preston, as well as the Affordable Air Conditioner Installation in Melbourne.

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how do split systems work?

A split system a/c functions by very first pumping a gas cooling agent with the device’s air conditioning circuit. The compressor pumps this refrigerant right into the condenser device. And as the gas relocates via a condenser, it cools and evaporates into a liquid. 

The fluid cooling agent is after that pushed at high pressure through one side of the evaporator, expanding as well as altering back from a fluid right into a gas. As this gas rapidly broadens, its temperature level goes down considerably. This produces a considerable temperature differential within the evaporator.

As this cooled down gas refrigerant relocates with the evaporator, it takes in the warmth inside your house and lugs it outdoors and also right into the inlet port of your split system air conditioning unit’s compressor.

And also, the cycle begins again. This makes it for a split system a/c unit to distribute cooled down air with precision. One more method they assist in keeping power costs down.

WHY CHOOSE A SPlit system?

Wall mounted split air conditioning systems are the most commonly owned residential air conditioning system, as they are affordable and easily to maintain.


Wall-mounted Split System Ac Installation in Melbourne is the best affordable option for one room, apartment or small house as they are relatively cheap to buy (depending on how many indoor units you require), and there is no ductwork required.

Inverter Technology

Inverter technology is your key to more comfort throughout the year as it maintains a constant temperature, saves costs (less energy consumption) and produces relatively less noise when used. This is achieved through controlling the compressor rotation speed more precisely.

Air Quality

Many split air conditioning systems have air filtering and humidity control functions that regulate the amount of dust and humidity in a room. This gives sensitive customers (children, elderly, asthmatic or allergic users) an ease of mind and body.

Multi-Head Split Systems

Multi-Head Split Systems allow different indoor units to connect to one outdoor condenser, which in turn gives you the comfort of having the most suitable air conditioner (in terms of physical and output constraints) for a specific room.

Independent Temperature Control

Each indoor unit is able to control the room that it is installed in, thus each room can have a different temperatures.

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Rebecca Mifsud
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Ben installed a 7kw Rinnai Split system in my home hair salon yesterday. He was prompt, covered my equipment with sheets and cleant up any mess the installation made. Very honest and trust worthy, I highly recommend.
Sue White
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Cannot recommend Ben high enough. He quoted our job (ducted heating) within 24 hours of contacting him. 5 days later he installed the system. Soo friendly and well mannered (His mum will be so pleased) thanks again Ben. From the very warm White House
Owen Mandy
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Couldn’t recommend high enough. Fantastic job with the evap cooler. Guaranteed a cool and comfortable summer.

split system faq's

BM Heating & Cooling is the default destination for folks looking for affordable air conditioner installation Melbourne services. BM Heating & Cooling offers installation of a wall-mounted split air conditioning system services in Reservoir, Melbourne is a hassle-free manner.

There are several indicators that one can look out for Split System Replacement in Melbourne, but some of the more common are:

  • No flow of cool air
  • Hot air flowing out from the unit
  • Refrigerant or water leak from the unit
  • Condenser coil freezing

If you see any of these indicators, reach out to BM Heating & Cooling immediately.