5 tips to get the most out of your ducted heating

A gas ducted is known to be the most efficient way to warm your house as it can provide constant heat regardless of the outside temperature. However, this type of system also becomes inefficient like any other appliance as time passes due to the lack of maintenance and other factors. So if you are wondering how you can get the most out of your gas ducted heating system, we have provided the top 5 tips for optimal use.


The research found that more than 25% of the heat in the house is lost due to the small holes and cracks that may occur in the structure. Most of the time, heat escapes through the cracks and gaps in the windows, doors, and walls. It can significantly waste energy and money. It is better to check whether there are cracks in the walls, cold air coming through the windows, or air from below the door gaps. Hence, it is essential to ensure that your house is sealed and insulated so you can better heat and reduce energy consumption.

2. Know Your Thermostat

If you do not have one already, you should invest in a programmable thermostat as it is the most efficient for ducted heating. With the help of the thermostat, you can set it and not have to worry about anything else as it will take care of it. The timer automatically turns on the ducted heating before you get up in the morning and will switch off automatically when you leave the house.

3. Get Your Ducts Cleaned

The ducted heating system is strained and works for a longer time if there is any leakage. Since the warm air escapes through the ducts, it will be difficult for your house to maintain the consistent temperature you want. It will result in higher gas bills than usual. You should clean your ducts and choose a high-quality air filter to prevent dust or other material from building up in the ducts.

4. Do Not Crank Up The Heater

When you get home, and the house is cold, you should not turn up the heater straightaway. Rather, you should do it gradually and set the thermostat between 18-22 degrees to let the heating system slowly warm up your house. A sudden burst will increase the energy bills and put pressure on your heating system. As mentioned earlier, the right thing to do is to invest in a programmable thermostat, as it will take care of the temperature setting for you.

5. Zoning Will Save You Money

Most households have spare rooms that are hardly occupied for most of the year. When zoning the house, you usually turn off the ducted gas heating in some areas, such as in an unused bedroom that you use only when guests or relatives are coming for a visit. You can keep the remainder of the house comfortable and warm while saving money on heating expenses. The zoning will allow you to heat a single area rather than the whole house, resulting in significant savings and more comfort as it will put less strain on the system and make it more effective.


With the help of these tips, you can ensure that you get the full benefits of your gas ducted heating system. Make sure to opt for regular services to prevent any gas leakage. Regular services will ensure that your heating system is at its full potential and provides optimal results.
Benjamin McCluskey

Benjamin McCluskey

Ben is the owner of BM Heating & Cooling. Based in Melbourne with a passion for all things HVAC he hopes to educate and pass on his knowledge for all things heating and cooling.